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Fissidnes Bryoides Moss


Fissidnes Bryoides Moss


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Fissidens Bryoides is a tiny little moss with 1-2 mm leaves on either side of the stem. Fissidens is one of the few moss genera in North America where the leaves arise from the sides of the stem and are not just twisted around so they look as though flat. In this genus, there is an extra flap of the leaf on the lower half of the leaf that with the rest of the leaf forms a pocket around the stem. There is a border of hyaline (clear) longer cells along the margins of the leaves that you might be able to see with a hand lens. Depending on the time of the year, this plant will ship brownish green to green. Once the plant settles in the aquarium, the plant will start growing and turn greener as it receives light and feeds off nutrients. Fissidens Bryoides moss also provides a perfect foraging area for small fish and freshwater dwarf shrimp.


Growth Rate: Very Slow

Light Demand: Low

Temperature: 64° – 78°F (18° – 26°C)

pH range: 5.5 ~ 8.0

Propagation: Foreground ~ Background

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1 portion (7 – 8 cm in diameter)


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