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Atrichum Undulatum Moss


Atrichum Undulatum Moss


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  • Atrichum undulatum has a common name, big star moss, because of its star-like shape. The plants are slightly bigger in size than its cousin, Atrichum angustatum, growing up to an inch high. Atrichum undulatum prefers shade but will tolerate some partial sun. This Atrichum will definitely shrivel up when dry. Its sporophytes have shiny, deep maroon, cylindrical-shaped capsules. Atrichum species grow very well from fragmentation planting methods.

Growing method: 

  • When planting in terrariums plant in an area that is not overly moist. Fresh mood moss can grow to 3 ~ 4 inches thick, very green, and can be broken apart quickly with your hands. Other places it fits well are rock gardens and covering for potted plants. Open terrariums are better. The closed systems have too little air circulation and less moisture. Often when growing mood moss outdoors, it likes fertile soil to grow in. When planting clear the area of weeds, plants, and debris. Smooth out soil and lightly dampen moss and dirt and press into the earth. Carefully step on moss to make sure it has good contact with the ground and on the edges. Plant in long or shady area gently waters 2 to 3 times daily. Make sure it can dry out or water less often. Continue watering regime when you want the moss to grown and spread in your outdoor garden.

Size: 15 * 8 cm


  • 1. Can be attached to almost any aquarium or terrarium decoration
  • 2. Low to moderate light requirements
  • 3. Little to no supplements needed


  • Temperature: 65° – 77° F (18.3° – 25° C)
  • PH: 5.0 – 7.5
  • Lighting: Low to moderate
  • On the ground in woodland, but also on trees and logs, acid rocks etc.
  • Usually it thrives best in shady locations


  • Make sure to check moisture levels when your moss tray arrives. Fluff mosses with your hands. Rehydrate as needed and keep moist, but not soggy, until planted. If possible, stage your mosses outdoors until planting, rather than inside locations. Air conditioning or heat will dry out mosses quickly, and therefore require more attention to keep them fresh.

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15×8 cm


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