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  • Worldwide Shipping! (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Korea etc)
  • We provide Live arrival guarantee for all plants
  • Free Phytosanitary certificate

Handling Time: It usually takes 1 week to prepare order, after order is prepared, we ship next Monday by DHL or UPS Express. It take around 2 to 4 days to arrive to the provided address. The only exception would be if temperatures are too extreme to safely ship the plants out. The handling time for a UPS or DHL order is variable based on outside temperatures, postal holidays, and the size of the order. (We reserve the right to hold an order in extreme weather if we deem it is unsuitable to ship for the safety of the plants)

Plant products:

  • We provide Live arrival guarantee for all plants!
  • We highly encourage customers to be present to receive the package upon delivery if at all possible for the safety of our plants.
  • In case of missing, wrong or less delivery in the order, only the value of the affected goods will be compensated.
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