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Saxifraga stolonifera


Saxifraga stolonifera


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  • Saxifraga stolonifera is a perennial flowering plant known by several common names, including creeping saxifrage, strawberry saxifrage, creeping rockfoil
  • The plant is native to China. In their homeland they thrive in forests, in bushes, in meadows, even on rocks, at altitudes of 400 to 4500 meters.
  • It grows as a perennial herbaceous plant 10 to 20 cm tall, whose inflorescence bears small zygomorphous flowers that bloom during the transition between spring and summer.
  • A popular garden flower, Saxifraga stolonifera has attractive white blossoms with distinctive pointed petals and bright yellow ovary.


  • Sun: Part shade to full shade
  • 59 ~ 77 °F / 15 ~ 25 °C
  • High humidity
  • Rich, moist to wet soil
  • Bloom Time: May to June
  • Bloom Description: White


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