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Begonia boisiana


Begonia boisiana


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Begonia boisiana is a bushy, shrub-like begonia with unusual colored and textured foliage. The flowers are white and bloom winter through fall.

Planting method: Stuffy

Substrate: Peat/Moss

Illumination: Place in bright astigmatism, air flow place for best conservation.

Temperature: 24C-28C It is the rapid growth period of begonia between 24C-28C. It stops growth under 10C. It may die under 5C.

Watering: Prefer moisture. watering according to the soil in the basin dry wet temperature of the appropriate growth period can be watered, keep the soil moist; When the temperature is low in winter, reduce the amount of watering, the soil for the rest of the time a little dry.


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