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Live Mealworms


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Live Mealworms


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  • Mealworms are a great source of food for our reptiles and avian pets. People often feed these to wild birds also during the nesting season. They are full of protein and are easy to store.
  • Our mealworms are the exact prescription for happier and healthier animals. They contain 12 of the 16 elements that are found in living tissues. They are rich in vitamins A and B which are essential for proper growth, nutrition, and nervous system maintenance.  Mealworms are a living food that is clean, odorless, and healthy.
  • We have the most tender, buttery mealworms on the market! Animals naturally forage in the wild looking for a ‘den’ of larvae to eat. Feed your animal’s natural instinct by providing a tasty find. Customers tell us they actually see a gleam of satisfaction in their eye! Our mealworms are the exact prescription for happier and heathlier animals.

How do you keep mealworms?

  • Keeping the mealworms refrigerated at 40 to 50 degrees puts them in a dormant state where they can last for months. Every 5 to 7 days remove the mealworms from the refrigerator and allow them to warm up and start moving around.
  • Feed the mealworms a few small apple, potato or Banana cubes and leave them out for another hour or two.  Refrigerate them again.

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